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Blue Shoe is based on the concept that marketing is part of anyone's life who is selling their own 'self'. And, where is that more true than the film/television industry. You must entertain, engage, and educate through compelling, creative content.


Showing up or selling your film or your own placement in the industry doesn't just happen. But the good news is that the playing field, through social media and other new-found tools, can be done for little investment and a strong creative belief and hard work to showcase why you are right for whatever you want to do or be. Presenting your project or self to them isn't enough, and our work centers around finding the right E's to get you to the table. To be seen and heard.


Our history is rich...


In 1992, Blue Shoe Content, under the leadership of Christine Merser, started providing consulting and marketing services to businesses – large and small, mostly centered around the emerging 'thing' called the Internet. We ushered India's Daughter toward the Oscars. We worked on marketing for documentaries including multiple festival award winner, Ash Bash. And recently, many women have asked us to review their plans and give input. 

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Full disclosure. Our managing partner, Christine Merser, is a writer and a film reviewer for Screen Thoughts, her podcast that continues to review films and television through a female 'eye.' Her partner in crime, Wilder, is in Hollywood in the thick of it. 


It is our belief that the world is changing at a rate faster than the speeding bullet of purchase intent. And, the film industry is in the thick of women showing up at all the tables. Maybe not yet in the numbers we deserve, but then, that's up to us to change isn't it?

This fledgling project grew out of a zoom call that Christine Merser did for Women in Film where more than twenty women reached out for help following the meeting. We knew that the way our service pricing was set, they couldn't afford us for what they needed. So, putting together this 'cooperative,' where we can bring marketing value for a reasonable monthly fee structure (and still make money for Blue Shoe - we should all be paid for our work right?) is on the table. 


First, there was PR and ad-driven marketing. Then everyone focused on social media. Now, the philosophy of Merser's consulting is based on three elements in marketing products and services. Engage. Entertain. Educate. Couple two or more of these core value propositions in your marketing plan and your service or product will shine, shine, shine. Brand loyalty. Customer acquisition. Product differential. All are cemented through the E3's creative options. 

So, here we go. All of us together. Email us your thoughts and suggestions.


Meet the leader of our marketing group ... Christine Merser is the managing partner of Blue Shoe Strategy, a marketing company specializing in content creation for all media platforms. But more than marketing, she loves film and TV and all things on a screen, however small. Eight years ago, she partnered with Heidi Sullivan, whose film, Ash Bash, A Love Story, was an entry in the Wood's Hole Film Festival, to start Screen Thoughts, a podcast reviewing all things on the screen from within a female lens. More than 250 episodes later, Christine continues to podcast weekly around film, although Heidi passed away a few years ago. In addition, Christine has worked with filmmakers to ensure their films are seen. Blue Shoe did the strategy and public relations around the documentary, India's Daughter, in its bid for an Academy Award. 

Team Blue Shoe


Christine Merser

Blue Shoe Creator

Loves all things 'story.' Sell me with a story and I'm a loyal customer for life. 

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Darrin Moore

Corporate Leader

I'm a problem solver by nature. Bring me a business challenge and let's convert that into an opportunity. Connect. Capable. Count. Courage.  Together, we've got this. 

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Kassie Schellinger

All Things Video

I love an virtual open house, live on Facebook or Instagram, except when I trip over a cat. 


Bill Plax

All Things Podcasts

I enjoy bringing my creativity to every podcast I produce and making hosts and guests sound the best they can.

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Frances Pearson

Manages BShoe Projects & Life

Keep the focus on the goal line and I'm all in. Let's get this content loaded!

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Kelly Badeau

All Things Design

The thing I love about graphic design is that you can take something like a boring Word document and turn it into an engaging book


Sam Ellis

Blue Shoe Creator

Give me a fabulous meme quote, and I'm all over it!