2022 Trends for the Film (and TV) Industry

Have a look at some of these numbers. This report by visual capitalists is worth the read as you chart your 2022 plan of action.

Some take ways...

  • There are more and more avenues in which to place yourself and your work;

  • Follow the streaming platform that best fits your genre of interest;

  • Women in film and television? Seems like our reach is growing in film; but not sure that's so in television;

  • Interesting that they do not show the gender trends in the industry, but let's rejoice in the fact that 2021 saw a lot of women-centric story lines in streaming, film and television with strong female characters in leading roles, not supporting roles. And, more and more women as they gain $$ are putting it back into the industry. Let's not forget that.

Plan for 2022? Pay it forward where you can?