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WIFT Marketing Zoom: Reviewing the Film Industry in 2021 and Previewing 2022

For the last session of 2021, Christine reviewed some trends in the film industry from 2021, where she sees things going in 2022, and a few things you can do for your own projects or self to prepare for the new year.

Creating Your Website 

We walk through some great websites from those in the film community, some dos and some donts', and the platforms you can use to easily and cost-effectively create your website. 

Using LoFi Video for Your Marketing

Well, sometimes slick, polished video 'ads' are not better either. Lo-Fi is when you use your iPhone to video a short marketing message. It's not hi res, and it's not polished. It's the new trend, because it works.

We walk through what LoFi video is, how you can use it to put forth your message, and when you might want to use it. 

IMDB & How & Why to Use + Q&A 

We like IMDB for all those in film. We like being listed in it, using it as a resource to expand your horizons further than your present posse of support, and as a place to comment and find resources within. 

Remember, WIFT US members  get 30% off your IMDbPro membership. 

Building Your Personal Brand

No matter what your project or audience may be, it's important to establish your own personal brand in everything you do. We walk through what this means, and to determine your brand. 

Raising Funds for Your Project 

There are numerous paths to funding your movie. So many ways to make your project stand out. We walk through just some of them on this Zoom.